Cindy Wood, an advisor and mentor

Beckham County celebrates SHEROs

The SHERO campaign (female heroes), sponsored by Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, aims to shine a light on Oklahoma’s every day female heroes who serve as role models in a state that ranks low in quality of life for women. The campaign runs through Mother’s Day. The Beckham County Record will feature the lives of a few of our local SHEROs until the culmination of the campaign.

When asking for suggestions on women in the community who could be considered a hero to others, Cindy Wood was top on the list of Jeff Smoot. He noted that she is one that others seek out for advise and she is sound in her judgement.

Wood, a retired teacher, convinced Smoot’s son, Justin to further his education at OSU as he was graduating from Elk City High School. She remembers Justin coming up to her, thanking her for telling him what he had been trying to tell him. 

This type of story is typical for Wood. She is one who freely gives advice to her friends and family when asked. She doesn’t hesitate to tell the truth in a loving and caring manner. Her words, no matter how much they sting are given in love.

“Its about relationships. That’s how I am with people. People know that I care when I talk to them. What I say is about caring about them, its all part of friendship,” Wood explained.

The evidence of her devotion to her friendship is in the close ties she continues to have with former students and colleagues. She has several groups of friends who have standing dates for dinner, lunches and breakfast.

Every Friday she is joined by Glenda Ivins, Helen Nayfa, Joyce Roberts and Suzanne Walked to go out to dinner. Once a month she dines with Cindy Buckmaster and Brenna Huntley. This group began years ago and also included the late Sherry Nutley. Kathy Robinson, Ivins and Walker go to lunch once a month.

“Lynn (Kennemer) and I meet at Mc’Tiffany’s’ (McDonald’s) to eat breakfast early in the morning before our shopping trip to Walmart. It’s usually on Wednesday’s,” Wood continued. 

She has a lifetime of friends who continually drop by the Old Town Museum to visit or give her a call. If Wood doesn’t hear from someone, she readily picks up the phone to check on them. She is has been a role model for her students and the teachers who she has taken under her wing over the years in education. 

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